Get Ahead of the Investment Game: Let Us Analyze Your Investments with Our Proven Wave Theory Approach

Hosted by Brickell Analytics
April 4, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Send us the name(s) of any single stock, index, commodity, bond, FX cross, or any asset with data and Isaac Gilinski, Founder and Chairman of Brickell Analytics will perform Wave Analysis and interpret the results in real time. The deadline to submit your investment idea(s) is March 3, 2023, you can submit your charts to

Submit your investment ideas for review.

We invite investors to submit their investment ideas to be analyzed by Isaac Gilinski and his team at Brickell Analytics. They use a contrarian macroeconomic research approach, incorporating wave theory to predict the direction, timing, and magnitude of investment moves.

Isaac Gilinski, CEO & Head of Research of Brickell Analytics will give an overview of Wave Theory while illustrating past & future predictions that he and others have made using this technical analysis. He will go into detail on why Wave Theory works to accurately forecast market tops and bottoms. He will explain how it works while looking at current market conditions and using his 12 years of experience to successfully invest and help world renowned investors invest in global financial markets. During this session, Isaac is offering to do technical analysis on the names that you send in.

Sending in your investment ideas to Isaac for analysis provides you with an expert and thorough analysis of your investments. With Isaac's extensive experience in the industry and his expertise in technical analysis and global macro research, you can trust that your charts will be thoroughly evaluated and you will receive a comprehensive report on the potential performance of your investments.

By relying on Isaac's analysis, you will gain valuable insights into market trends and potential price targets for your stocks. This information can help you make more informed investment decisions and potentially improve your portfolio performance. With Brickell Analytics' 10-year track record of success and its reputation as a trusted research service, you can be confident that you are making a wise choice by sending in your stock charts for analysis. So, don't miss this opportunity to receive expert analysis and improve your investment strategy - send in your stock charts today!

If you have any questions or have a hard time submitting your investment ideas, please email

  • Expert analysis: Get professional analysis from a 12-year experienced industry professional.
  • Accurate insights: Wave theory and contrarian macroeconomic research provide reliable insights into your investment's performance.
  • Better investment decisions: Thorough analysis and insights can help you make informed decisions and improve portfolio performance.
  • Unmatched track record: Brickell Analytics has a 10-year successful track record and is a trusted research service.
  • Competitive edge: Gain an advantage by receiving expert insights that others may not have access to, helping you make profitable investments and stay ahead of market trends.
  • Blow-off rally to SPX 6000?
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  • Isaac Gilinski

    Founder and Head of Research
    Brickell Analytics

    Isaac started his professional career in 2000 as one of the youngest investment professionals at Lehman Brothers. In 2001, he was promoted to develop the Latin American Sales arm for Global Capital Management, which was a new asset management group formed within Lehman. In early 2002, Isaac founded the Brickell Family Office, a multi-family office run as a Fund-of-Hedge Funds. He successfully led the firm for 10 years, and then shifted his focus to launching and leading Brickell Analytics. In addition, between 2012 and 2015, Isaac served as an independent macro researcher reporting to the CIO of a $30 billion family office and macro hedge fund.


Brickell Analytics

Brickell Analytics LLC is a global-macro research service based on contrarian analysis. Founded in 2011, Brickell Analytics implements two approaches to forecasting markets. Firstly, the service is comprised of technical commentary that uses the handwriting technique on charts to generate price targets on all markets (equities, bonds, commodities, and foreign exchange). The proprietary tools used to forecast are a combination of Elliott waves, sentiment, and Fibonacci retracements and extensions (see theories & indicators); then, specific price targets are generated. The second approach is quantitative in nature. Brickell forecasts the daily direction of the S&P 500 and oil by generating daily signals produced by two models with a 10-year track record. Brickell Analytics’ research is used by hedge fund managers, investors, family offices, mutual funds, registered reps, and registered investment advisers.