Who We Are

Our open access platform of alternative investments for institutions, wealth advisors, family offices, RIAs, and accredited investors. General Partners gain access to a vertically integrated digital & traditional fintech marketplace. Investors gain access to special opportunities, educational webcasts and digital events. All of our digital events, educational content and alternative investment opportunities are available in one place under a single sign on (SSO).

Our Mission

Our mission spans a broad-range of areas including Community Building, Education, Branding, Capital Attraction, Business Attraction, and Policy Optimization. Our ultimate goal is to articulate the impressive strengths of the alternative investment industry and systematically strengthen the “ecosystem” over time.


Provide a forum in which alternative investment managers and investors can share information on their styles of evaluating, selecting and managing alternative investments.

  • Educational Webcasts (on a variety of alternative investment styles and strategies)
  • Liquid & Illiquid Investment Strategies
  • Learn from experts on a wide variety of alternative investment strategies
  • Principals speaking to principals
  • Free content


Provide access to the latest news and developments affecting alternative investments as well as play a key role in educating and informing on the important role that alternative investments play in a proper asset allocation strategy.

  • Real Estate, Direct Lending & Private Debt
  • Macro Economic Briefings
  • Emerging Markets
  • FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Cyber Security
  • Hemispheric Events Dedicated to Building Inter-American Relationships & Cross Border Capital Flows


Leverage FLAIA’s strong technology, pro-business policies, world-class infrastructure, diverse talent base, and attractive marketplace to embrace digital solutions to discover alternative investment opportunities in the Private Equity (P.E.), Venture Capital (VC), Hedge Fund, Co-Investment & Direct Investment space.

  • Liquid and Illiquid Opportunities Direct Into Funds, Operating Businesses, Co-Investment Opportunities
  • Introductions to Advisors or Consultants that specialize in alternative investments
Our Values

The FLAIA’s mission has been designed to serve the needs of our members and the global alternative investment community:



  • Building bridges between alternative investment sponsors and investors
  • Facilitating the timely flow of information and due diligence
  • Representing the interests of the industry
  • Improving the breadth of best practices
  • Timely discussions on structuring, tax efficient investment strategies, custody and capital attraction strategies



  • Creating a peer-driver forum for “Education, Digital Events and Due Diligence” of alternative investment strategies
  • Providing insight into Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Hedge Fund strategies structured to capture evolving market opportunities
  • Providing an opportunity to play an integral role in strengthening the global alternative investment industry
  • Safe & secure marketplace to find alternative investment opportunities

Service Providers


  • Providing a “Forum” to meet and discuss best practices for legal, accounting, compliance, administration and more.
  • Strengthening the competitiveness and growth prospects of the alternative investment industry
  • Improving the fiscal solvency of alternative investment industry.