An Expert's Outlook on Commercial Real Estate Sector Investing: Past, Present, and Future

Hosted by Encore Enterprises
September 10, 2020
1:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

As both an esteemed physician and a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Bharat Sangani has a unique perspective on investing in the current pandemic-stricken market. With more than 20 years of investing in commercial real estate, spanning several market cycles and having generated outsized returns for investors following the GFC, Dr. Sangani's extensive industry experience has enabled him to continue to make prudent investment decisions with a realistic view of the state of each commercial real estate sector. In this webcast, Dr. Sangani will discuss the state of popular CRE sectors, reviewing each sector prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, how each sector was affected by current market dislocations, and the timing of a potential recovery.

  • Office: the rise of the alternative work space
  • Retail/industrial: effects of warehousing needs
  • Hospitality: anticipating the revival of business and leisure travel
  • Restaurants: only the strong survive
  • Multifamily: endurance in the face of adversity

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An Expert's Outlook on Commercial Real Estate Sector Investing Past, Present and Future



  • Bharat Sangani, MD

    Chairman & Founder
    Encore Enterprises

    Dr. Bharat Sangani, Founder and Chairman of Encore Enterprises, co-founded the firm in 1999 as a vehicle for investors to share in the success of his real estate deals. In 1991, “Doc,” as he is known by both clients and co-workers, made his first investment in real estate, transforming a failing hotel in Gulfport, Mississippi. Doc quickly learned he has a natural instinct for real estate investing and began growing his portfolio. Over the nearly 30 years that followed, Doc has established a successful real estate investment and development firm with a proven track record across various sectors and multiple market cycles throughout the United States. He is responsible for more than $2.7 billion in real estate transactions for Encore and oversees every aspect of the business, from operations to financial management. Admired for his relentless work ethic, Doc, along with a team of experienced, results-driven, and forward-thinking individuals, leads Encore on the principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness. He is an active contributor to the community and is involved in various charities both locally and in India.


Encore Enterprises

Founded in 1999, Encore is a vertically integrated, actively managed real estate investment and operating company focusing on value-added and opportunistic strategies throughout the United States. Operational excellence, combined with a commitment to disciplined investing, allows the company to capitalize on trends across all market segments, maximizing risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Since inception, Encore has completed more than $2.7 billion in real estate transactions with $1.3 billion in assets under management. Encore develops, acquires, and manages commercial real estate opportunities across the multifamily, hospitality, mixed-use retail, and office sectors, and has successfully operated fast-casual restaurants across the U.S.