Brock Freeman

Managing Partner
Kirkland Capital Group

Brock Freeman is a Managing Partner at Kirkland Capital Group. His career spans technology, finance, and real estate in both Asia and America. He started his career as a Taiwan stock market analyst in Taipei, later moving back to Seattle and joining a mortgage bank as an underwriter where he built the industry’s first web-based end-to-end loan underwriting, processing, secondary marketing platform. After several years again in Asia, in consulting and with a technology startup, he returned to the Pacific Northwest where he built a network of loan originators for wholesale mortgage banks. Brock Freeman advises several Real Estate startups and funds. He hosts the PropTech Seattle Open House events, and is the Seattle Regional Chair for, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise. As a member of the Cascadia Blockchain Council, he has testified to Washington State House and Senate Committees on behalf of blockchain bills.

Past Speaking Events

  • Private Debt & Direct Lending: Capturing Opportunities in New Issues or the Secondary Market
    hosted by Engineered TaxServices, Inc.
    June 24, 2020
    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

About Kirkland Capital Group

Kirkland Capital Group, LLC is a nationwide direct lender, offering bridge loans for multifamily and other commercial real estate assets. Through their Commercial Real Estate funds, Kirkland Capital provides investors with consistent returns and lower risk. Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, the company is committed to excellence in service, quality, and make-sense portfolio lending solutions as a Digital Lender.

Kirkland Capital Group is an investment fund manager combining 75+ years of investment management, real estate, and technology to Build and Fortify Your Wealth. The Kirkland Income Fund is a principal preservation focused high-yield fixed income fund with a targeted 10% return to investors. The fund delivered over 10% returns for 2021, and continues strong performance in 2022. Investors feel happy that not only are they capturing strong returns, they are doing good, as the Fund’s micro-commercial real estate loans are used to rehabilitate middle-income affordable housing and neighborhoods, making a positive social and environmental impact. Kirkland Capital Group also offers the opportunity to invest along with us in the equity side of real estate, via multifamily properties. Investors generate stable passive income, tax advantages, diversification, and capital appreciation opportunities.