Unlocking the Future: The Exclusive Strong Interactive Summit for High-Net-Worth Innovators

Hosted by Strong Interactive
April 16, 2024
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Discover Web 3 Innovation: From Immersive Experiences to Unparalleled Value Creation in Sports, Entertainment, Art and Hospitality

Join us at the illustrious "Unlocking the Future: The Exclusive Strong Interactive Summit for High-Net-Worth Innovators," a premier gathering designed for elite investors and visionaries eager to explore the forefront of Web 3 technologies. This unique summit offers an inside look at how Strong Interactive leverages cutting-edge advancements in Mixed Reality, Blockchain Tokenization and Artificial Intelligence to craft innovative solutions that span the sports, entertainment, fine art, and hospitality sectors. Delve into the first-mover advantages created by cutting-edge technology solutions, underscoring the pivotal role of early innovators in shaping the future of digital interaction and commerce.

Drawing insights from the pioneering work and perspectives of Jonathan Herman, founder of Baller Mixed Reality and Top 20 leader in Web 3 (AKA Semantic Web), Augmented Reality, small Artificial Intelligence companies, small Blockchain companies, the Metaverse, and more (according to Crunchbase as of March 2024), this discussion will illuminate Jonathan's approach to reshaping the $370 Billion collectibles market, with broader applications in digital content creation, consumer engagement, and branded ecosystems to maximize long-term value.

Be informed, equipped, and inspired by the transformative potential of Web 3 technologies.

  • Dive deep into Strong Interactive's core principles of innovation, collaboration, and creating immediate utility/value
  • Gain insight into the foundational elements of Web 3, including mixed reality experiences, blockchain-authenticated digital collectibles, and AI-driven engagements, emphasizing the transformative potential of these technologies.
  • Learn how Strong Interactive is tackling critical industry challenges such as fraud/counterfeits in collectibles, monetizing artist and athlete fan bases, and creating lasting impressions for hospitality providers
  • Experience first-hand how Strong Interactive’s unique multi-dimensional approach to Web 3 technology is setting new standards across industry sectors
  • Take away strategies and case studies on leveraging Web 3 technologies for innovative digital content creation, enhancing customer engagement, solving industry challenges, and competing in the new digital marketplace

Event Recording

Seascapes & Skylines: Navigating the Waters of Luxury Real Estate Investment



  • Jonathan Herman

    Founder / CEO
    Strong Interactive

    Ranked among the Top CEOs in the United States by Crunchbase, Jonathan is an award-winning entrepreneur, technologist and marketer who's listed among the Top 20 people globally in multiple categories - including Web 3 (AKA Semantic Web), small Artificial Intelligence companies, small Blockchain companies, Sports, Media & Entertainment, and the Metaverse.

    He leads Strong Interactive, the parent company of leading Web 3 ventures that are ranked among the world’s best, with notable honors that include...

    Strong Interactive:

    • “Most Innovative Web 3 Agency of the Year” (Innovation in Business’ MarTech Awards 2024)

    • “Best Web 3 Development Agency - Southeast USA” (Media Innovator Awards 2023)

    • “Most Innovative Digital Consultancy - FLA, USA”(Management Consultancy Awards 2023)

    Baller Mixed Reality:

    • “Mixed Reality Innovator of The Year” (Corporate Livewire 2022/2023)

    • “Top Sports Brand Initiative” (American Metaverse Awards 2023)

    • “Top Startup” (U.S. Venture News 2023)

    • “Most Pioneering NFT Collectibles Company” (Wealth & Finance Magazine 2022)

    Jonathan Herman:

    • “Best CEO” (The Strategist Awards 2024)

    • “Technologist of The Year - FLA, USA” (Management Consultancy Awards 2023)

    • “CEO of The Year” (CEO Monthly Magazine 2022)

    To assist others in their own ventures, Jonathan is currently beta testing W3BAdvisor.Com, a curated GPT infused with Jonathan’s own Web3 knowledge, experience and expertise. This unique AI tool covers the business applications of mixed reality, the metaverse, blockchain tokenization & artificial intelligence to help guide other business leaders - and is currently accessible for free with a ChatGPT Plus account.

    As a social innovator, Jonathan gained notoriety as a philanthropy advisor to pro athletes, entertainers and business leaders, building community initiatives that served more than 100,000 participants across the United States. After co-founding an entrepreneurship program for disadvantaged young adults with two-time NBA All Star Allan Houston, he served on the National Board of Directors for the Association for Enterprise Opportunity - one of the largest economic development organizations in the U.S. Jonathan also advised Warren Buffet’s “Secret Millionaires Club” financial literacy initiative.

    Jonathan served as a jurist for the American Metaverse Awards, spoke on the "Sports & Metaverse" Panel of Miami NFT Week, and led off the discussion of Emerging Technologies at the Association of Enterprise Opportunity's 30th Annual National Conference.


Strong Interactive

Strong Interactive is a company at the forefront of Web 3 technology, specializing in mixed reality, blockchain tokenization, artificial intelligence, and their applications across various high-growth sectors such as sports & entertainment, fine art, and hospitality. The company is recognized for its innovative solutions that aim to solve real-world problems, provide immediate value, and enhance consumer engagement through easy-to-use platforms. Strong Interactive is considering a bridge and seed investment round and presents a unique opportunity for us to participate in the rapidly expanding domain of Web 3 technologies.