Distressed Commercial Real Estate Debt Investing

Hosted by Safe Harbor Equiity
November 19, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM ET

We find ourselves in a truly unique and uncertain time period. Covid-19 is creating untold devastation on our economy. Although there have been many signs of improvement in the past few months, we believe there will be a wave of bad debt and bank balance sheets that could crumble under the pressure of distress. While we can't predict or pretend to know the total number of bad loans or what the bottom of the market might look like we do understand that there will be substantial opportunities in the market for distressed investing.

  • Safe Harbor Equity is a leading private equity firm specializing in distressed real estate debt aiming to generate superior returns for our limited partners
  • We focus on commercial real estate market inefficiencies combined with detailed underwriting to unlock value
  • We specialize in the strategic acquisition, origination, management and repositioning of nonperforming asset-backed real estate mortgages
  • Our track record of execution is strategic litigation management provide a unique advantage over other firms
  • Strict underwriting guidelines provide ample equity protection

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Safe Harbor Equity is an opportunistic private equity fi...

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Distressed Commercial Real Estate Debt Investing



  • Carlos Sandino

    Managing Director
    Safe Harbor Equiity

    Carlos Sandino is a Managing Director overseeing all operational matters including originations, credit management, and back office operations. Carlos’ experience in distressed asset management includes rehabilitations and troubled debt restructurings, litigation and foreclosure, REO, corporate insolvency and restructurings, and advisory assignments. Carlos has led multiple teams in a managerial capacity. From 2018 through 2020, Carlos was Managing Director of Corporate Restructuring of TCA Fund Management where he led the turnaround efforts of a group of portfolio companies and worked on rehabilitation of non-performing loans for a family of funds. From 2008 through 2018, Carlos was a Senior Vice President with Ocean Bank, where his team was tasked with managing a nonperforming loan portfolio of commercial real estate, commercial and industrial, residential, and consumer debt. Prior to Ocean Bank, Carlos worked in credit and relationship management for Citibank’s Commercial Business Group. Carlos has MBA from the University of Florida and a CFT certification in banking regulatory compliance.


Safe Harbor Equiity

Safe Harbor Equity is an opportunistic private equity firm that strategically acquires, originates, manages and repositions performing and nonperforming asset-backed real estate mortgages up to $20 million.

With a proven track record of success navigating the complexities of the distressed debt space, Safe Harbor Equity seeks to preserve investor capital while targeting IRR’s of 20% or higher by leveraging highly sophisticated, bleeding-edge analytical techniques, coupled with decades of collective experience, to provide its investors superior returns that are uncorrelated with market volatility.

Leveraging its extensive contacts in the secondary markets for residential and commercial real estate loans; the investment banking and private equity communities, and the commercial and residential real estate sectors in general, Safe Harbor Equity leverages its extensive network to source deals and seize upon unique opportunities wherever they may arise.