Digital Solutions Amid a Physical Storm to Accelerate & Enhance Buy Side Due Diligence

Hosted by FLAIA
January 21, 2021
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM ET

FLAIA launched an online digital platform in 2019 and has made great strides in rolling it out to supplement the Buy-Side Discovery and Due Diligence process. FLAIA designed the platform to conform to the rigors of a busy life not knowing that people would be further hindered by COVID -19. The platform uses investor preferences and deal highlights to make a market in alternative investments with the mission and vision of being the world's leading marketplace for alternative investments and alternative investment education. Michael Corcelli, the Founder & Chairman of FLAIA will demonstrate the platform in real time showing how the deal marketing, due diligence and fund raising process is fully digital and compliant with securities rules, regulations and compliance.

  • Creating a process to look at investment opportunities in 2021
  • How to use the digital environment to uncover exceptional investment opportunities and express your macroeconomic view
  • Staying on top of your current investments by looking at similar investments online
  • Using the current environment to shape your relationships with your asset managers
  • How to supercharge the due diligence process from the comfort and safety of your home or office

Event Recording

Digital Solutions Amid a Physical Storm to Accelerate & Enhance Buy Side Due Diligence



  • Michael Corcelli

    Managing Member

    Mr. Corcelli is the Founder & Chairman of the FLAIA and has played a critical role in stablishing the vision and building the management team for the FLAIA. In addition to his work with the FLAIA, he is a Managing Partner at Alexander Alternative Capital, LLC based in Miami. Prior to joining Alexander Alternative Capital, Michael worked for UBS AG where he was responsible for portfolio management and tactical asset allocation for private clients of UBS Global Wealth Management & Business Banking. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami where he studied Business with a focus in Finance.



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