Thursday, September 08, 11:00 AM - Thursday, September 08, 01:00 PM ET

Investors are always in search of alpha in global markets. Over the past 20 years, pre-IPO investing has proven to be one of the most alpha generating investment strategies. The rise of new platforms has enabled many vested employees access to liquidity earlier, thus creating pre-IPO opportunities for investors.

Traditional industry players are adapting to this new reality and investment vehicles like SPACs and PIPEs have also exploded in popularity to capitalize on this trend investor behavior. None of this comes without risk, so investors need to rely on industry experts to help them navigate this exciting asset class. 

Learn the strategies the world’s best investors are deploying to find the next pre-IPO Unicorns. 

  • How new platforms are providing greater liquidity to vested employees at hot start ups
  • New opportunities for investors to access company stock pre-IPO
  • Venture Capital funds vs Direct Acquisition of Equity, what’s the best way to play pre-IPO tech investing 
  • PIPEs/SPACs/Private Placements, is there still Alpha to be generated? 
  • Find Great Opportunities