Alternative Investment 2024 – Art Basel Edition

Friday, December 06 at 10:00 AM - Friday, December 06 at 04:00 PM ET

Join us at the Alternative Investment Forum - Art Basel Edition 2024 in Miami on December 8th, an event that uniquely blends the worlds of art and investment. This year’s forum promises insightful discussions on navigating the complex investment landscape in 2023, including strategies to manage inflationary challenges and enhance portfolios with diversified alpha strategies. Dive into the fascinating realm of fine wine investment, exploring avenues in wine auctions, retail, and exclusive vineyard investments. The event also features a segment on sustainable urban development, offering a glimpse into eco-friendly real estate investments. Real estate enthusiasts can look forward to insights on the American real estate market, focusing on profitable rental property investments and the impact of current economic trends. Additionally, the forum will revisit portfolio allocation strategies in the context of the current economic climate, analyzing historical asset class performance. An unparalleled opportunity for networking, this forum is ideal for connecting with industry peers, including fund managers, investors, and industry experts.